International Winter School:
    Comparative Studies in Adult Education and Lifelong Learning


    The international Winter School “Comparative Studies on Adult Education and Lifelong Learning“ is dedicated to analysing and comparing international and European strategies in lifelong learning. Based on social policy models, lifelong learning strategies in Europe, including selected European countries, will be subject of a critical analysis. Furthermore, subtopics of lifelong learning have been chosen for an in-depth comparison and analysis of the situation in various European countries.

    During the first part of the Winter School, theories and approaches will be used for analysing European and international lifelong learning strategies. The programme features direct interactions with key European stakeholders in lifelong learning. Furthermore, local providers of adult and continuing education in Würzburg will be visited. The interaction will lead to a critical analysis and a comparison of lifelong learning strategies, as well as to a theory and practice reflection on international policies in lifelong learning.

    The second part of the Winter School will focus on the comparison of certain subtopics of lifelong learning in selected countries: How does the training of trainers vary in different countries? How does participation in adult education differ in various European countries? How do quality systems vary in different countries? Which differences and similarities can be found in the policies towards lifelong learning in certain countries? What conclusions can be drawn out of these differences and similarities? Questions of adult education and lifelong learning will be compared. The discussed questions within adult education will refer to learning processes of adults and the integration of them into diverse (educational) contexts. In an international context – especially within international organisations – one can find the term lifelong learning, which is frequently associated with adult learning. The Winter School will look on questions and discourses of lifelong learning from the perspective of adult education.

    The programme is oriented towards master and doctoral students from Europe and beyond. The main focus is on students who are enrolled in study programmes close to adult education and lifelong learning. Additionally, we welcome interdisciplinary approaches as well.

    Information regarding the programme of the Winter School 2019 will follow in July 2018.

    Working programme


    Preparatory phase

    For preparation you are asked to: (A) do some reading and (B) write a transnational Essay (8-10 pages) on the topic of your Comparative Group Work. Please register at WueCampus (moodle platform) of the JMU Würzburg.

    Würzburg part I: European strategies in adult education and lifelong learning

    For the analysis of European and international strategies in Lifelong Learning there will be an introduction into a theoretical analysis model. Therefore, we will work with the study guide 'European Strategies in Lifelong Learning: A Critical Introduction'. The authors of the study guide, Professor Licínio Líma and Professor Paula Guimaraes, will moderate the discussion of two different groups. This introduction will be followed by discussions with European Stakeholders in adult and Lifelong Learning as well as by the visit of adult education providers in Würzburg. The finale of the first part of the Winter School will be a reflection and a placing of Lifelong Learning practices into the analytical model.

    Würzburg part II: Comparing lifelong learning

    For the comparison of selected subtopics of Lifelong Learning students will choose one subtopic, which will be guided by an international expert. Each group (with around 10 students) will consist of participants from different countries. Each participant will act as representative of his/her home country. Within the group work a comparison will be done. The comparative group work will end with a poster presentation showing the results of the comparison.On registration, each participant will choose one group - in which they will represent their country during the comparison. Every participant will prepare a short country description before the winter school. By this, each students will provide an insight into his/her home country to the group fellows. After registration, all participants will make contact with the moderators of the groups to get some hints concerning the preparation of the country description. The comparison will be done in groups (students can select one).

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